November 1, 2023

Annual Training Day

Annual Training Day For Continuous Development at McDevitt Electrical & Controls

Every year, a training day is held at McDevitt Electrical & Controls HQ to keep our staff up to date with relevant safety requirements and awareness.

Training is an integral part of McDevitt Electrical & Controls. It ensures our staff are aware of requirements from both McDevitt standards and legislation. Our annual training day is a day dedicated to learning and development for the whole McDevitt team, from our workshop staff, field engineers and senior leadership. The day is full of support and training, ensuring our teams are re-qualified and refreshed on how to meet McDevitt standards in work, service and training.

The day is hosted in our training rooms and delivered by an external Health and Safety consultancy. This external trainer and examiner approves our safety standards and delivers workshops to our staff. Workshops include health and safety, which is mandatory for all staff, as well as training for our specialist staff, like our on-site engineers.

Health and Safety Annual Training Day for Electrical Contractors

Health and Safety Training is mandatory for all employees. The training revisits fundamental elements of health and safety like identifying hazards, risk assessments, equipment handling and injury management.

We believe in a preventive and not reactive approach to health and safety. This approach means that we train our staff to recognise potential hazards and practise control measures to prioritise preventing accidents rather than responding when issues occur. We recognise that accidents do happen, but believe that prevention is key to minimisation; Our staff are trained to control accidents calmly, safely and efficiently. Other health and safety training covered included manual handling and working from heights.

Annual Training Day for On-Site Electrical Engineers

Some of our workforce are regularly out, on-site assisting clients with electrical works at their premises. Some of this work can be on brand-new buildings. Other work can include electrical refitting (often on older buildings) and electrical issues that we repair and create improvements for the future.

On our annual training day, our on-site engineers had further training for emergency first aid. Ensuring our engineers are up to date on this is crucial. Emergency First Aid training empowers them to feel safer and more equipped whilst on the road, in case of emergencies.

Training for Our Electrical Workshop Staff

First aid training is just as crucial in the workplace. A large element of our annual training is providing some of our staff, who are based in our workshop, with first aid training for the workplace. This training allows them to feel more confident in their place of work. First aid also ensures our staff are more aware of health and conscious of potential issues and how to handle them.

Investing in Our Teams

Jayne Hodson, our office manager, is in charge of ensuring all of our staff are aware, knowledgeable, and trained in things like health and safety. Our annual training day is organised completely by Jayne, from ensuring all of our staff are free for the day, to booking the training to lunch! She liaises with our health and safety consultants and ensures we are in line with requirements and legislation, this allows us to uphold the high standards that we are proud of.

"McDevitt Electrical & Controls invests in training and very much sees the importance and value of maintaining a skilled and safe workforce. We utilise training, especially our annual training day, to empower our employees with the latest knowledge, safety protocols, and industry best practices. This ensures they excel in their work, satisfy clients and also reaffirm their value. Our employees are our most valuable assets, and their growth and safety are our driving force."

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