August 9, 2023

Lower Commercial Energy Bills

How To Save Energy Costs

5 Top Tips To Lower Commercial Energy Bills

Energy prices are at a record high, so we’ve detailed 5 ways to lower commercial energy bills in your business.

Everyone has been impacted worldwide on the cost of energy, with their businesses and personally. So, we have outlined a few ways in which you can reduce your energy bills and your carbon footprint at the same time. 

It’s also a good idea to get your employees to be aware of energy saving tips as often, wasted energy bills are a result of non efficient use of appliances inn communal areas. 


Some energy facts

We all trying to save energy and lower commercial energy bills, but sometimes we overlook the obvious and there are lots of simple actions we can all take that can help. For example, did you know that only 5% of the power used by phone chargers is used for charging! When your phone or other devices are charged, ensure you turn it off.

During the Summer months, utilise the weather and if your business requires you to dry washing, particularly in hospitality industry, dry linen outside rather than using your dryer. When it’s raining, or in the colder seasons use a clothes maiden indoors.


Our tips to lower commercial energy bills

1. Switch it off! Think staff canteen area’s

Relying on standby still costs you money. If you aren’t using an appliance, turn it off! According to The Greenage, an average TV or computer on standby can cost up to 2p per hour! Multply that by each staff member, or rest areas in long shift areas and that soon adds up.

2. Use appliances smartly

Make sure to be mindful when using appliances. For example, fill your staff kettle with the amount of water you need, not to the max! Us brew lovers are reported to collectively waste 70 million litres of water every day. Washing clothes at lower temperatures also reduces energy consumption and saves water. We also recommend that you…

3. Choose energy efficient appliances

Get a hand saving energy, and use appliances that are more efficient. According to Energy Saving Trust, dishwashers and washing machines account for 14% of our energy bills alone. When buying appliances, ensure that efficiency is one of the factors you’re taking into consideration.

4. Monitor your usage by using a smart meter

Monitoring your energy usage will help you to stay on top it. Smart meters are offered to you for free through your energy supplier. They allow you to get in control of your usage, and will allow you to adopt energy efficiency practices, and learn which appliances generally use more than others. Become energy savvy!

5. Switch to LED Lighting

LED Lighting is a modern solution that helps the environment and saves money. It’s highly efficient, uses less heat, provides more light and costs less!

On average, LED Lighting uses 70% or more less electricity than traditional lighting. More homes and businesses are beginning to shift to LED Lighting, and we are here to support the transition.

We offer a range of lighting solutions at McDevitt’s and LED Lighting is one of our popular services. We support our clients with refitting their current lighting, or we start from fresh in brand new buildings!

We recently completed a project for one of our clients based in Lancashire and refitted their factory with commercial LED Lighting. This included replacing over 500 lights. This project is forecasted to save 62% of CO2. This has major benefits for the environment and the costs for the business. Read more about the project here.

If you want to reduce your energy costs and improve safety for both your staff and visitors, contact us to see how we can help.

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