Data Cabling & Network Infrastructure


Data cabling and network infrastructure are a critical element of communication within businesses and their premises.

With reliance on electronics to control systems and provide secure online access, McDevitts Electrical provide network cable planning and installation for a wide range of business needs.

A Structured Cabling System (SCS) is a set of cabling and connectivity products that integrates Voice, Data, Video, and various Management Systems of a Building.

Data Systems

Data Cabling & Network connections

Server Rooms and Distribution

We support businesses and IT companies better understand how to distribute cabling around the premises. Electrical compliance and safety needs to be applied in the consideration of the number of servers, heat transfer management and power consumption.

Structured cabling schematics are created to ensure correct quality cabling is applied for fast transfer of data, longevity, efficiently labelling and ease of access for future changes or maintenance.

Building Types

Newer buildings are often adapted to enable repurposing of space by adding / removing walls, installing mezzanines and suspended ceilings etc.

McDevitts can adapt cabling distribution for a variety of needs including wall, floor and ceiling trunking. This helps to provide electric and data connections in awkward areas such as installations in floors with power and data floor compartment boxes.

If your business premises are situated in an old building, you may be restricted by both physical and visual elements. Thicker walls, supporting beams, planning consent for re-purposing of space and aesthetic appeal are all considerations when planning data cabling and network infrastructure.

It is also common for older buildings to have old electrical cabling that is corroding or unsuitable for modern electronic and data connected equipment.

McDevitts Electrical Contractors are also certified in asbestos awareness which affects many older buildings in re-wiring, data cabling and network infrastructure.

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