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Electrical Testing Services

McDevitt Electrical & Controls Ltd offer Electrical Testing services including Portable Electrical Appliance (PAT) Testing and Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR) Certificate Fixed Wire Testing to commercial and industrial businesses. Electrical Testing ensures your business stays compliant whilst protecting your staff and customers. Find more about our services below.

Regular Electrical Testing Ensures

Electrical Testing

Regular electrical testing is vital for businesses. All modern businesses rely on electricity, whether it is simply your lighting structure, your telephone systems to machinery, ensuring your equipment is safe and unfaulty supports your operations in continuing to run smoothly.

Businesses that keep up to date with electrical testing services like Portable Electrical Appliance (PAT) Testing and Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR) Certificate Fixed Wire Testing stay compliant with safety standards and legal requirements. This alone is essential for your business, safeguarding you from potential penalties and liabilities.

In addition to this, Electrical Testing helps to remove hazards from your business, further safeguarding employees and customers. Regular testing minimises the risk of accidents, injuries, and fires within your premises. Electrical testing is also a proactive form of preventative maintenance, allowing you to identify and address potential issues promptly to reduce downtime and costly repairs.

Electrical testing enhances operational efficiency overall, supporting you with compliance, safety and cost. Regular testing grants business owners peace of mind. Working with a trusted electrical contracting partner, like McDevitt Electrical, allows you to focus on core operations without the worry of unforeseen electrical failures and issues.

PAT Testing

PAT testing is an abbreviation for Portable (Electrical) Appliance Testing. This is the process of examining electrical equipment and appliances to ensure standards and safety. PAT testing is an important aspect of electrical safety that must be adhered to by all businesses in the UK.

Ensuring all electrical appliances in use in your business are up to date with PAT Testing mitigates risks of electrical issues, ensuring safety, and compliance with standards and insurance policies as well as providing staff, and customers with care. 

EIRC Report

An EICR Certificate is an ‘Electrical Installation Condition Report’ that is provided to Landlords and estate / lettings agents on completion of an electrical inspection. An inspection and report s issued in accordance with the national standard for the safety of electrical installations, BS7671: 2018.

The responsibility to arrange and obtain an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is of the landlord, not the tenant. EIRC tests must be conducted either before a new tenant moves into a commercial property or within 5 years of the last test.

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