Home Electrical Vehicle Charging Points

Home Electrical Vehicle Charging Points

McDevitt Electrical are trusted contractors for home electrical vehicle charging points. We work with a number of large car manufacturers as approved contractors for the installation of their home electrical vehicle charging points. If you are looking for an EV Charging point solution, find out how we can help you.

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Home Electrical Vehicle Charging Points​ Main Features

McDevitt Electrical and Controls are approved Electrical Vehicle Charging Point Installers

As an approved contractor, McDevitt Electrical and Controls is proud to collaborate with leading EV charging brands to deliver tailored solutions to your home. Our partnership with reputable brands ensures that you receive the highest quality products and services. 

Charge Your Electrical Vehicle from Your Home with McDevitt Electrical

The Benefits of Home Charging

As more people make the choice and investment to ‘go green’, there are many electrical vehicle owners who do not have a stable charging solution. Many will depend on chargers in town centres or supermarkets when you could have the solution at home.

The benefits of home charging include convenience, cost savings, peace of mind and further environmental benefits. A home EV charger ensures control and accessibility to your electrical vehicle.

Types of Home Charging Points

When considering home EV charging, different options may adapt better to your home and lifestyle. It is essential to understand the two primary types of charging units available: Tethered and Untethered Charging Points. 

Tethered Charging Points

A tethered charging point is an electric vehicle (EV) charging station with an integrated charging cable. This means the cable is permanently attached to the unit. This type of unit is beneficial to the home charger as it provides benefits like:

  • Ease of Use: You won’t need to search for your charging cable every time you arrive home; it’s conveniently attached to the unit.
  • Security: Tethered cables are less susceptible to theft, providing peace of mind. Replacing stolen cables can be costly.
  • Safety: Tidy storage of the cable minimises trip hazards around your home.
Untethered Charging Points

Untethered charging points do not include an integrated charging cable. This means that owners must provide their own cable and connector, offering benefits like: 

  • Flexibility: Drivers are not limited to a specific cable type, making it suitable for households with various electric vehicles.
  • Choice of Cable Length: You can choose any cable length that suits your requirements, offering versatility in your charging setup.
  • Visitor-Friendly: As electric vehicles become more widespread, untethered units accommodate guests who may need to charge their cars, enhancing your home’s hospitality.

How to Determine Which Charging Point is Right for You

Selecting the right charging point for your home depends on your specific needs and preferences. Considerations should include: the frequency of use, the amount and type of vehicles that require charging, and cable management. For example, households with multiple EVs may opt for an untethered unit for flexibility when it comes to charging speed and cable length. 

You do not have to make this decision alone. Our experts can provide a free survey and quote and offer support during your decision-making process. Our experts will advise which choice will be more suitable in line with your budget, lifestyle and requirements. 

Funding for Your Home Charging Point

To find out if any grants are currently available to support Electric Vehicle Owners with the cost of the unit and/or installation.

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