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McDevitt Electrical are the preferred partner for electrical contracting lighting services needs in the commercial sector.

From initial design and planning to installation and maintenance with have delivered commercial lighting projects to 1000’s of businesses across the UK.

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Lighting for Businesses

Commercial lighting infrastructure is vital to the effective operation and compliance of any commercial building, new or old.

Replacing old lighting systems or bulbs, or designing new building lighting provides greater safety, ensures compliance, reduces costs, reduces environmental impacts and provides a more practical and aesthetic work or public environment.

Lighting can influence how customers & clients perceive your business and interact with your products or services. In each industry and business, lighting plays a key role in customer experience. For example, in retail, lighting showcases products attractively and can influence purchase decisions.

Effective lighting will also benefit your staff by creating a comfortable and productive work environment. Efficient lighting can offer smaller benefits like reducing eye strain to enhancing employee focus and morale. In sectors like manufacturing, accurate task lighting minimises errors and improves the quality of work.

Does your current commercial lighting create problems that needs reviewing?

Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions

McDevitt Electrical ensure lighting solutions are energy efficient, meaning that your lighting is cost effective and environmentally friendly. Solutions such as LED lighting, reduce both energy consumption and costs. Energy efficient lighting should be utilised by all businesses that aim to them reduce carbon emissions, cut operational costs, and create well-lit, productive environments.

Types of Lighting

Lighting is a key factor in creating a well-designed and functional commercial space. When choosing lighting, it is important to know the different types of lighting and how they can benefit and compliment the aims of your space.

Our team of specialists work with you to understand your objectives and will make informed suggestions of the types of lighting you may require. Types of lighting include:

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting creates a foundational level for a space. This type of lighting is important as it ensures the space is well-lit, comfortable and safe. For businesses, this should be the first consideration, acting as the foundation before design as it protects employees, customers, and guests.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is how you can add dimension, create features and highlight elements within your business' space. Many businesses use this option to draw attention to products, large displays and special details such as branding feature walls.

Task Lighting

Task lighting provides focus lighting for specific tasks and concentration. This lighting is necessary in commercial settings like offices and workstations. Adapting this lighting solution increases productivity, reduces errors, and improves comfort for employees working on detailed tasks.

Decorative Lighting

Decorative lighting is how you can enhance the design of a space and add aesthetics, personality and creativity. The aim here is to create a welcoming and visually appealing environment that resonates with the brand or intended atmosphere.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is lighting for an emergency situation when the main power supply is cut, and normal illumination fails. The loss of mains electricity can lead to panic and danger. Emergency lighting is normally required to operate fully automatically and give illumination of a sufficiently high level to enable all occupants to evacuate the premises safely. Most new buildings now have emergency lighting installed during construction.
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