Planned Maintenance

Planned Maintenance

McDevitt Electrical & Controls offer Planned Maintenance services to businesses in the UK, ensuring your electrical installations stay efficient, safe, and up to standard. Even the most efficient electrical system will deteriorate over time, especially with daily, industrial use. General wear and tear can create serious safety hazards. Ensuring you schedule regular maintenance ensures you mitigate these risks.

Planned Maintenance Features

Planned Maintenance

Benefits of Planned Maintenance

There are many benefits of ensuring regular maintenance for your electrical installations and systems. Ensuring maintenance is scheduled in line with your operations can ensure a more efficient operational strategy. Benefits of planned maintenance include:

      • Safety
      • Efficiency
      • Compliance
      • Prolong Lifespan
      • Minimise Downtime
      • Insurance and Liability

Types of Planned Maintenance

    1. Scheduled Maintenance: We recommend that all businesses schedule routine maintenance based on the systems and appliances and factors surrounding the use of them. Scheduled Maintenance includes pre-planned and periodic services of these items and electrical installations. We can help to create a schedule based on the types of appliances and systems installed, manufacturers recommendations, industry standards and more.
    2. Preventive Maintenance: Ensuring regular, routine inspections of electrical machinery and systems acts as a preventive for potential issues. Preventive maintenance includes thorough examinations to identify and rectify potential issues. This is another proactive approach that we recommend, preventing breakdowns and failure.
    3. Predictive Maintenance: Most modern electrical systems have advanced predictive data and technology which alerts when maintenance is required. This technology will monitor factors like performance to identify issues and changes in the electrical system and/or appliance.
    4. Emergency Maintenance: Planned maintenance should avoid the need for emergency response, but if a situation arises, McDevitt Electrical offer 24/7/365 emergency support. Our on-call team can provide rapid response in critical situations, ensuring that damage and downtime stay minimised.

McDevitt Electrical & Controls Are Here to Help with Planned Maintenance

Planned maintenance for electrical systems is an integral factor in an operations strategy. McDevitt Electrical & Controls Ltd offer bespoke maintenance plans that ensure the electrical resilience of your commercial or industrial spaces. We are here to help you with planned maintenance and strategy offering additional services including:

Audits and Routine Inspections

Our specialists can complete audits and surveys on your electrical systems. This allows us to assess the performance and integrity of existing systems, measure compliance with industry regulations, and evaluate other factors such as energy efficiency and sustainability.

Bespoke Maintenance Plans

We collaborate with your team to develop tailored maintenance plans that align with your requirements, budget and overall goals. These customised plans ensure we address the unique needs of your facility and across multiple sites.

24/7 Response

Our rapid response tackles emergency situations and unexpected electrical issues with expert resolutions. Our 24/7 response is available to clients experiencing emergency issues like power outage and system failures.

Planned maintenance is a key factor in ensuring electrical efficiency and resilience for commercial and industrial businesses. Avoid problems like upset tenants in your commercial office occupancies and expensive failure/downtime in your factory by working with electrical specialists like McDevitt to devise electrical maintenance strategies. McDevitt Electrical & Controls are here to help implement bespoke plans, safeguarding your electrical systems, furtherly supporting your business operations.

How We've Supported Our Clients with Planned Maintenance

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