Workplace Electrical Vehicle Charging Points

Workplace Electrical Vehicle Charging Points

McDevitt Electrical & Controls Ltd offer businesses and commercial landlords Workplace Electrical Vehicle charging points installation. We work with businesses of all sizes, around the UK to power their premises and offer staff more accessibility towards going green. 

Workplace Electrical Vehicle Charging Features


Power Your Business with McDevitt Electrical

As the popularity of Electric Vehicles (EVs) continues to grow, businesses should promote cleaner and more sustainable transportation options to their staff. Workplace Electrical Vehicle Charging Points are a strategic investment in the future of your business. 

Determining Which Charging Point is Right for You and Your Business

Selecting the right charging point for your business depends on various factors, including your operational needs, budget, and long-term goals. Consider the following questions:

  1. Charging Speed: What is the expected frequency of EV usage at your workplace, and how quickly do you need the vehicles to be charged? Fast chargers are suitable for high demand, whereas standard chargers are more cost-effective for slower-paced environments.
  2. Usage Policy: Who will be allowed to use it? Is it on offer to staff and visitors? Will you offer Electrical Vehicle Charging as a free employee benefit, or will users be required to pay? If you intend to charge users, think about the payment methods and systems you’d like to implement.
  3. Branding: You may want to customise and brand your EV Charger(s) with your company logos and colour scheme to reinforce your brand identity. Branded charging stations can make a positive impression on employees and visitors.
  4. Scalability: Consider your business’s growth potential and whether your charging infrastructure can be easily expanded to accommodate more EVs or locations in the future.
Considerations for Charging Points on Business Grounds

Installing EV charging points has many benefits for your business and staff, but it requires investment. It is important to make some essential considerations like:

  1. Location: Choose strategic locations for your charging stations, ensuring easy access for employees and visitors. Consider installing them near entrances, employee parking areas, or high-traffic zones.
  2. Accessibility: Ensure that your charging stations are accessible to all employees, including those with disabilities. Complying with accessibility guidelines is not only ethical but may also be legally required.
  3. Compliance: Be aware of local regulations and incentives related to workplace EV charging. There may be grants available  to businesses that install charging infrastructure. Call us on 01282 839208 for the latest grant information.
  4. Maintenance: Regular maintenance of charging points is essential to ensure they function reliably. McDevitt Electrical will offer maintenance advice and establish a schedule which will keep your charging stations in top condition.
  5. Existing electric distribution panels: If installing multiple EV Chargers, is your current electrical wiring and infrastructure suitable?

Funding for Your Commercial Charging Point

Grants are currently available to property owners to support Electric Vehicle Owners with the cost of the unit and/or installation.

Call us on 01282 839208 for the latest grant information.

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